Color Sorter Machine Maintenance

Maintenance Operation per shift
Check that all parts are intact and there are no loose, sweeping dust .

Removal by Dust scraper
Clean up the dust of the brush on dust scraper with the cleaning gun before you are off work;check whether it runs smoothly per month and tighten where it is loose.After a period of use of a soft brush if found dumped to one side, you can remove the brush up and down the swap to continue to use.

Dust removal of sorting chamber
Remove dust inside and outside of the glass(usually the front glass of sorting chamber )with dry and clean cloth cleans (with glass cleaner cleans not water and alcohol ),and meanwhile check whether the dust scraper is in order.

Drainage of filters
All filters should be frequently discharged(at least three times each shift) to prevent impurities from entering its core parts in case of damage to it, causing unnecessary loss

Inspection during its running
Check the signal indication (including word indication and alarm indication) and spray valve during its running;

Check compressor, pressure and sound ;the compressor should be regularly discharged at least three times each shift, and drainage outlet should be cleaned up in time if there is no sewage out for several times.

Maintenance downtime after work
Close the power switch and the compressor switch after downtime, and discharge sewage in the compressor and the air storage tank.(both drainage outlets must be opened)
Clean up vibrators with air gun (especially material blocks formed in vibrator hopper should be removed regularly),inside of body ,receiving hopper and dust scraping brush.
Caution:During the cleaning of sorting chamber with air gun,it is forbidden to direct blowing to nozzle which may causing the damage of valve !
Weekly: Check filter elements; Check the cleanliness of the cleaning brush;

Semiannual: Replace the lubricating grease of compressor.

The main color sorter machine and supporting equipment should be well grounded with grounding
resistance≤0.1Ω in prevention of interference and personal safety.

Prohibited non-professionals to open the electronic control box. Electrical control box is sealed from the circulating air cooling system, when the machine is running, open the lid is strictly prohibited.