Color Sorter Machine Installation Guide

one full set color sorter machine installation

  • General Information

    1. The color sorter machine should be installed the fixed platform with above a height of 1.8 meters.

    2. The color sorter should be well connected to ground, and the steel connected to ground must be drilled in underground at least 50 CM.

    3. The color sorting machine should not be installed in cold, hot, humid or dusty environments. Good ventilation is required and ground vibration is not allowed. It’s recommended to install it in the last process – after the polisher or the grinder – to ensure sorting effect.

    4. Strong electromagnetic interference like electric welding and high-frequency transmission is forbidden on site or around.

    5. In prevention of static interference around the machine, metal pipes other than plastic and other non-metal pipes should be applied to inlet and outlet pipes and exhaust fan connected by users with nice grounding.

    6. Prevent the light source from being influenced by sunshine and illuminating device.

  • Unpacking and Examination

    Safety first when unpacking the color sorter machine wooden case! Unnecessary damage should be avoided. Make sure to count the spare parts according to the list in the box. Keep it in a safe place.

  • Mechanical Installation

    It should be placed on a solid enclosed platform or railing or hard ground (about above 1.8m from the platform to ground) with installation of its base angle, and its levelness should be adjusted with a level gauge to 2/1000mm or below.

    Passages (at least 50cm each side) should be preserved around the machine for operation, patrol and maintenance. According to practical situation on site, upper material inlet corresponds to inlet pipe, with adjusting panel of flow rate and storage box on it ,which cannot press on the inlet hopper in prevention of reduction of sorting effect due to vibration.

    The corresponding pipes for the material outlet should sort the finished materials and the eliminated stuffs in the primary and secondary sorting processes. Hoisting device can be arranged by users according to the situations on site, and please refer to the installation instruction.

    Please check carefully lifting rings of color sorter are reliable when installing and fix the frame with the lanyard to prevent accidents when lifting the color sorter machine.

    Color Sorter safety grounding measures: requires power supply with a good grounding wire.

  • Electrical Installation

    Warning: Wiring directions and precautions should be strictly followed to avoid physical injury or electric shock.
    Power supply of AC three-phase 380V±5%(for air compressor) and single-phase 220V±5% and good grounding wires are required.

    (1) Main color sorter machine power
    Above 20A air switch(switch blade is not recommended) should be equipped with power inlet.
    The power is 1.0KW-4.0KW (include heating 500W/Piece)

    pay attention to tightening!
    It is important to connect an independent and well-grounded earth wire to the machine. The grounding terminal must be drilled in underground at least 50CM in case of interference and thunder stroke.

    (2)Air compressor power
    The compressor should be installed as close as possible with pipes not longer than 10m, depending on the practical situation. An air switch of three-phase (380V,60A) should be prepared.

  • Air Compressor Installation

    The user should prepare an oil-less and moisture-free compressor with a moisture filter; screw.

    Air compressor should be equipped with an oil stain filer. Pneumatic elements must be connected with zinc-plated pipe of Dg25mm or pipes of higher class(like PPR pipe).The compressor is recommended to be installed in a isolated room near the color sorter machine (max.15m far) for the reduction of noises and sufficient pressure supply.

  • Dust Collection Pipe Installation

    Dust pipe line should be prepared by users to prevent sorting effect of grains of light color from being affected by a large amount of rice dust in the enclosed chamber.