Pinellia Ternata Separator Solution

Pinellia Ternata Color Sorter:

Pinellia ternata (Chinese: 半夏, Japanese: カラスビシャク), crow-dipper, is a plant native to China, Japan, and Korea, but also grows as an invasive weed in parts of Europe (Austria, Germany) and North America (California, Ontario, northeastern United States). The leaves are trifoliate, while the flowers are of the spathe and spadix form typical of plants in Araceae.

Pinellia Ternata Color Sorter is for choosing the better Pinellia Ternata , and remove the bad material. Metak Pinellia Ternata color sorter can choose the good material according to the color.

Check the Examples of Color Sorter as below:

Pinellia Ternata Raw Material

Accepted Pinellia Ternata

Rejected Pinellia Ternata

Recommend suitable Metak color sorter for Pinellia Ternata:

Name:CCD Pinellia Ternata Color Sorter Machine RCSK5

Model: RCSK5.

Output: According to customer requirement.

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