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Psyllium Seeds Color Sorter:

Psyllium seed husks, also known as ispaghula, isabgol, or psyllium, are portions of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata, (genus Plantago), a native of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. They are hygroscopic, which allows them to expand and become mucilaginous.

Psyllium seed husk are indigestible and are a source of soluble dietary fiber which may be fermented into butyrate, which is a pharmacologically active short-chain fatty acid, by butyrate-producing bacteria. They are used to relieveconstipation, irritable bowel syndrome. They are also used as a regular dietary supplement to improve and maintain regular GI transit. The inert bulk of the husks helps provide a constant volume of solid material irrespective of other aspects of the diet or any disease condition of the gut. Some recent research has shown they may be effective in lowering cholesterol and controlling certain types of diabetes.

Other uses include gluten-free baking, where ground psyllium seed husks bind moisture and help make breads less crumbly.

Psyllium seed husks Color Sorter Machine is for choosing the better Psyllium seed, and remove the bad material. Metak  color sorter can choose the good material according to the color.

Check the Examples of Color Sorter as below:

Psyllium Seeds Raw Material

Accepted Psyllium Seed

Rejected Psyllium Seed

Recommend suitable Metak color sorter for Psyllium Seeds:

Name:Optoelectronic CCD Seed Sorting Machine RCSS12

Model: RCSS12

Output: According to customer requirement.

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