The Type of Color Sorters

Color Sorters can be chute-type or belt-type. Belt-type color sorter machines break a smaller percentage of material (important for nuts) and the product stays relatively static during the transport process as it moves horizontally on the belt. Whereas in the chute type, material slides on the chute because of gravity, causing collision, friction, and larger vertical movements, thus worsening the ratio of broken material. The belt structure makes the transmission smooth and stable without bouncing of material.

Chute type color sorter is more common especially for food, as prices are lower, capacities are higher and products can be seen more easily from both sides, which is important when a dehulled grain has hull only at one side. Chute sorters are usually applicable to specific products as the chute is designed with special channels for this kind of material based on sizes and shapes of the material, for example 5 mm chutes are used for rice, grain and plastic granules. Flat chutes are right for plastic flakes, such as PET, or milk bottle flakes.

Color Sorter Machinery

Color Sorter Machinery

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