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How To Install Auxiliary Facilities Of Color Sorter Machine

Users must use water and oil-free air compressors, and install filters (as we do). All the Air components must be connected with each other with galvanized pipes, rubber hoses, or pipes of higher classes with proper diameters. It is recommended to install the air compressor at an insulated room near to the color sorter (no more than 15 meters), thus reducing noise while offering adequate pressure.

color sorter machine

The filter installed in the color sorter should a typical operating temperature of 0 ℃-40 ℃; as in winter (especially in the north region) when room temperature tends to drop below 0 ℃, the filter should be air-dried after the sorting operation, and heat insulation measures should be taken to keep it above 0 ℃. Otherwise, it may lead to freezing of pipes and filter elements, consequently inhibiting the air flow and causing damage to the filter elements.

Air compressors should be placed in well-ventilated, clean places with even ground and low air humidity. Environmental temperature should be controlled below 40 ℃, and keep the equipment 80 cm away from the wall to facilitate maintenance and inspection; pay attention to let the drain outlet face outside, and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and rain.

The first-stage coarse filter should be installed at the outlet of air compressors or air tanks, so as to utilize the functions of the filter as much as possible.

In cases of any significant air pressure drop indicated by the pressure gauge (for example, dropping to less than 0.1 MPa when the color sorter working pressure is between 0.15-0.1 8 MPa), the filter elements on first-stage filters should be replaced immediately. Any elimination or reduction of filter elements may adversely affect or damage the filter parts and jet valves in the second-stage filters.

Rubber hoses can be connected to the outlet pipes of the air compressors to avoid vibrations.

Before conduction connection for all the pipes, scraps and dusts must be removed from the pipes, so as to avoid damage to jet valves.

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