10 Chutes Grain Color Sorting Machine

10 Chutes Grain Color Sorting Machine


The Features of 10 Chutes Grain Color Sorting Machine

1, the image acquisition system

Full-color high-definition CCD camera image acquisition system, the material (RGB) red, green, and blue color information to obtain a comprehensive, small depth to identify and elaborate common color sorter can not choose other impurities.

2, Cloud IOT system
Independent cloud control, cloud computing technology, online operations, online monitoring, online services, free upgrades.

3, dust removal system
Winnowing dust removal system, the buoyant material attached, dust automatic winnowing, and effectively improve the accuracy of color selection effect.

4, the image processing system
International high-end full-color line scan technology, DSP + FPGA international advanced processing technology, combining a variety of colors and shapes with pattern intelligence complex algorithm to provide for different materials “color option + shape selected” solution, a variety of modes set free.

5, the solenoid valve
Intellectual property rights and the development of color sorter dedicated solenoid valve; special high-strength materials, strong suction, no residual magnetism, linear gas against precision, high consistency, significantly lower than the band; frequency of 1200hz per second or more, and most fast response time of 0.6ms; the life of 50-100 million times.

6, the operating system
Intelligent operating platform, easy to operate, easy to master, the real man-machine dialogue, intelligent docking, sit back and relax.

7, intelligent functional design air curtain
Through the fan blowing system, resulting in high-speed airflow lens front glass dust, ethereal, etc. quickly remove to ensure that the resolution and color sorting accuracy.



The Picture of 10 Chutes Grain Color Sorting Machine


color sorter_1


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